Safe trucking saves lives

Our team has decades of experience in oil and gas logistics and we know that safety is always your priority. It’s ours, too.

The Fastmovers platform is built to cover all types of industrial loads, including those for Oil & Gas. You need safe transport and delivery of your goods, with the right compliances for your company. Fastmovers has the solution -  the app is designed to only provide you with transporters who comply with your relevant safety regulations and those of the government.

Our algorithm filters trucks and their drivers when you enter your safety requirements – you’ll only see the transporters with the right certificates and documents to comply with a trip. We check through all certification submitted by the drivers, so you don’t have to. Before starting a trip, the driver will have to go through live pre-journey safety checks on the Fastmovers app. You can see which drivers have completed these, and choose accordingly.

What’s more, we check on the validity dates of drivers’ certifications in real time, sending automatic reminders to transporters when the documents are due to expire – in short, we designed an app to ensure the safety of your goods, and your own peace of mind.