Fastmovers matches Shippers to Transporters with one click.


Locate Transporters

Forget calling. Immediately locate available vetted carriers and find carriers you never knew existed.

Pricing Control

Choose a fixed price, or use our sophisticated bidding algorithm to list bids and select a price that’s right for your budget.

Track Loads

Keep sight of your shipments’ location and status in real time.


Real Time Notifications

Receive necessary information instantly.


Become a Shipper

  • Download Fastmovers Shipper
  • Sign up & Register your Company


Request a Booking

  • Request a Truck
  • List load details



Ready for Shipment

  • Choose price based on budget
  • Away you go

Fastmovers Shipper App

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One Click Access

Your next shipment is just a tap away. Use our app and book the loads you want, put the price you want, when you want.

Automated Billings

Get paid as soon as payment has been received. No more waiting. Fastmovers will handle your bills for you.

Electronic Documentation

Receive instant notifications of load and vehicle/driver on your phone. No more hassles.


Browse Loads

Select the right loads you want by location, date, availability, etc.


Become a Transporter

  • Download Fastmovers Transporter
  • Register your company, vehicles, and drivers



View bookings

  • Instantly view new bookings
  • Bid your price


Ready for transport

  • Get bid approval by Shipper
  • Assign the Driver and away you go

Fastmovers Transporter App

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Fastmovers Driver App


Our Transport Solution Leads The Pack

Fastmovers is a safe and secure Omani online transport marketplace. Our unmatched technology matches shippers and truckers in seconds, eliminating the waste of time and energy so often found with transport. Truckers and shippers are connected instantly, and our custom filters make sure both users see only the solutions that work for them. What you get is a cost effective system of unequalled efficiency.