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Oman’s innovative logistics solution.

A local solution using world class technology, Fastmovers is the smartest way to transport your goods.

Fastmovers is an Omani company providing the perfect match for shippers and transporters. We grew out of a need to help managers find a better solution to their logistics issues, and to help transporters widen their market and increase their efficiency.

We are pioneers in the development and deployment of user-friendly technology in Oman’s logistics industry; creative use of technology to utilize local resources is what gives us our competitive edge.

We simplify industrial logistics, by providing instant access to thousands and carriers to companies around the Sultanate of Oman, and giving carriers an easy, hassle-free way to increase their income with high visibility to the industries they serve. With our unrivalled network, reliable transporters and matched with logistics managers and individuals who need their goods moved safely, and fast.

Logistical Solutions You Deserve

Oil and Gas is our specialty. Fastmovers is custom-built to provide easy – and most important, safe – transport for all industries. The special requirements of moving oil and gas industry shipments are a focus for us, just as they are for you - and we provide the solution. Using our decades of industry knowledge, Fastmovers can provide truckers who comply with every major oil and gas company’s safety regulations. Our instant filters allow anyone with any load to check certification and safety requirements at a touch of a button.

Additionally, we are proud to support and promote Omani SMEs and bolster employment in the transport sector. Our custom software gives local transport companies the opportunity to increase their revenue, and allows industry users to harness our technology to save time and money.

Utilizing the most efficient and effective technology, we perform the real-time monitoring of on-road trucks, making it possible for our customers to reserve cargo loads while accessing fair and valuable market rates.

There’s a lot of wastage in the transport industry – of time, of money, and of valuable truck space. 40% of miles driven by trucks in Oman are driven empty. Companies waste valuable time searching for the right truck to carry their goods. By providing a platform on which truckers can search easily for nearby jobs to take, the Fastmovers app breaks down the barriers between shippers and truckers, providing benefits for both sets of users, and making transport in Oman more efficient.

We’re passionate about the industry, and are proud to be improving the system for both companies and carriers.

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