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Logistics through innovation, dedication, and technology.

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Welcome to Oman’s new way to connect shippers with transporters.

Fastmovers works hard to provide incredible value for both shippers and transporters, in the logistics sector. Our cutting-edge platform makes it easy for you – it takes just seconds to match up a shipper with a transporter in the right place, at the right price. By streamlining transportation with innovative technology, we make transport cheaper and faster for consumers, and more productive and profitable for carriers.

We’re FAST, COST EFFECTIVE, WORRY-FREE - and just a click away. Fastmovers saves you time - we ensure that your load gets delivered faster, cheaper, and safer.

Looking for an oil and gas transport solution? We’re the experts. The Fastmovers system was designed to make it easy to get your goods transported safely and securely.

Efficient and effective, the Fastmovers app takes the load off your mind. We match shippers with transporters, using a cutting edge algorithm and sharp filters. Just tell us what you need moving, and we find the people to move it – safely, reliably, and fast.


Our mission is to give instant access to thousands of carriers, and match your shipping requirements with simplified industrial logistics in the Sultanate of Oman. We provide an extensive network of shipping companies, thousands of reliable trucks and transport solutions to deliver your cargo.

Whether you’re a shipper or a transporter – Fastmovers takes a load off your mind.



  • More options to choose from – 1000 transporters are waiting for your load.
  • Our compliance documents and safety checks give you peace of mind.
  • Value your time! Waste less of it by booking the transport solution you need right now.
  • Effective use of budget – our bidding system gives you the price that’s right.
  • Real-time access and tracking of your shipment.
  • Safety first.


  • More trips, less waste: make the most of your assets.
  • Outstanding service – you can provide customers with quick and fair prices.
  • Visibility – get your business seen by the customers you need.
  • Efficiency increases – no more driving an empty truck.
  • Revenue increases – book more trips, get more money.
  • Safety first.



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